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Starter Series Teleprompters

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The benefits of teleprompting

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Improved production workflow
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Reduce your overall production time
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Strengthened connection with the audience
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Increased confidence of on-screen talent


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A complete range of teleprompters for the Apple iPad Pro

Our iPad Teleprompters offer the most lightweight and compact options currently on the market for prompting through the lens. They are available for use with all prompting apps, including Autocue. Additionally, Autocue iPad prompters are also supplied with QStart prompting software for standard operator control via a separate Mac or PC**.

The iPad and iPad Pro Prompters feature camera riser systems that secure onto the tripod camera plate. The innovative DSLR iPad Prompter mounts to a standard set of 15mm LWS rods, making use of existing baseplates and camera accessories for the most compact prompting solution.

Everything you need
to start prompting
delivered in one box

Our most popular 17” prompter offers 4 turnkey teleprompting solutions in 1: standard on-camera, straight-read above camera, on tripod and floor standing.

All monitors feature a 4:3 format which is essential for reducing scanning movement in presenters’ eyes, and every prompter is delivered with everything you need to start prompting in one box, including a camera riser system that secures onto the tripod camera plate and QStart prompting software.

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Filmmaker Paul Cook Employs Autocue to Save Time and Money

"It saved 50% of my editing time by not having to go through multiple takes... I knew I had what I needed in one or two takes with Autocue’s teleprompter."
View Paul Cook's Case Study

Take a first look at the iPad Pro Teleprompter

The 12.9” iPad Pro represents a coming of age for tablet prompting. Its larger screen and better resolution has enabled us to create a professional hardware solution with readability up to 15 feet.

QStart Professional Prompting Software

This simple to use teleprompting software application with dual-screen functionality allows easy edit and control of scripts on a Mac or PC. The unlimited version of QStart (Windows/OS) is available at no charge, so download now!

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Autocue Adopts NewTek NDI™ for IP Production Workflow

"With NDI, NewTek enables us to integrate seamlessly into their hugely popular TriCaster series. This gives our customers the opportunity to incorporate prompting into future workflows."

Robin Brown, Product Manager of Autocue.

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Now you’re prompting with QStart are you thinking about on-camera teleprompters but don’t know where to start?

Here’s our easy guide to the questions you should ask….now click on to find out the answers!

It’s not true for all teleprompters, but Autocue Starter Series prompters use a fully adjustable riser system that support all cameras up to ENG size. They also include adjustment in the hood of the prompter allowing you to position the lens of the camera centrally in the glass to get direct eye contact from talent while they read the script. So with Starter Series prompters your main consideration will be whether your support system (fluid head, tripod, etc.) has the capacity to hold the weight of the prompter you have selected.

The second fundamental factor in your search for a teleprompter is the distance from the talent to the camera. Get something too small, and it will be hard to read. Get something too big, and the audience will be able to see the talent’s eyes scan across the screen. A great rule of thumb is one inch per foot. If the talent is 12 feet away, then you should get a 12” screen on your prompter.

You might consider going with a plexi beamsplitter if your teleprompter is going to be traveling all the time, but plexi will cloud and even become discoloured over time so Autocue Starter Series only use the high quality glass that’s included with our broadcast teleprompters. We recommend using a case to protect your investment on your travels. And remember iPad Prompters are a great solution for difficult or unknown locations because they don’t need a constant power supply.

As you will know by now, QStart can be controlled by a keyboard or mouse. For regular prompting we’d recommend treating your operator to a more ergonomic scroll wheel controller like the ShuttleXpress. We also suggest considering if it will improve your workflow to purchase one of our talent controllers, like the great value wireless mouse hand scroll control.

All Starter Series teleprompters come with MAC and Windows software included, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

You might find that you still need some feedback and information to help make that final decision. We have the widest range and knowledge of prompters in the world, with over 100,000 users of our systems worldwide – so always feel free to contact us for advice, we’re here to help!

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Autocue is the world’s oldest and original teleprompting company

We have a broad range of solutions, and are the only manufacturer to truly cater for any requirement or budget, big or small. Whether you choose our Master, Professional or Starter range, you can be confident that you are buying from the world’s best and we challenge you to find anything else that gives you better value for money across our entire range.

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